My daughter has been out of braces for a few months, and I love her smile... she does too! Her mouth was a real mess. If there was an orthodontic problem to have, she had it. She was missing permanent teeth, they had to pull teeth down from the roof of her mouth, she had a crazy overbite, and she had big gaps in between her teeth. Dr. Keeling and his amazing staff always treated me and my daughter as if we were the only patients they had. We never ever had to wait to be seen and they always seemed to have the time slot I needed. Dr. Keeling was not only our orthodontist, but he became a friend and someone who truly cared about my daughter’s end result... her smile. I would recommend him to anyone without a moment’s hesitation. According to my daughter, ‘Dr. Keeling Rocks!’ I couldn’t agree more!

- Michelle Moore, Proud and Satisfied Mom

I have had a wonderful experience with my Invisalign, and Dr. Keeling and his entire staff! For someone like me who always wanted straight teeth, but did not have braces when I was young, this is the best way to get beautiful teeth. The entire process was relatively painless and with the help of Dr. Keeling, I have been completely satisfied with the process. I would recommend this to any adult who wishes to avoid metal braces. Thank you Dr. Keeling!

- Cindy Shacklette

My daughter and I have both benefitted from Dr. Keeling’s expertise. My daughter suffered from extensive overcrowding and we feared that she would never feel comfortable with her smile. Under Dr. Keeling’s care, her teeth went from extremely crowded to beautiful. She is so pleased with the dramatic results. I, too, have been pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Keeling with the Invisalign product. His staff is great to work with and they are always good to schedule appointments around busy lifestyles.

- K’Aun Hardin

All I can say about Dr. Keeling and his staff is WOW! They are awesome! Three of the six people in our family are under orthodontic care with Dr. Keeling and his wonderful ladies. We all fell in love with them from the moment we met with them. Dr. Keeling explained everything and was very thorough. I really appreciate the fact that he says what he’s going to do and does what he says. He has not deviated from the plan at all! He really knows his stuff! I also cannot express the appreciation we have for his staff. The ladies are always kind, pleasant, and joyful! They always make us feel welcome! We love to come here! Dr. Keeling and his ladies are the people I recommend to anyone looking for orthodontic care! They are the best!

- J. J. Graham

When we knew it was time for our son to have something done about his smile, we turned to Dr. Keeling and his staff. Always prompt and always professional, at every visit we were met with a friendly smile and no waiting to get a chair. The efficiency of Dr. Keeling’s office made balancing time away from school and work a cinch. And best of all, the results were fantastic. Our son’s smile looks great and Dr. Keeling delivered on everything he said he would. Dr. Keeling and his staff did such a great job that we have now trusted him with our second child’s smile and when the time is right, our third will take her place in Dr. Keeling’s chair and without a doubt, the results will be fantastic.

- Scott and Gerri Anne Morris

When Dr. Keeling told me that my teeth could be straightened with the Invisalign product, I was excited but skeptical. It has more than surpassed my expectations, and my teeth look great and I feel great. Impossible to see, I have to tell people that I have them on. Amazing new innovation, and I am thrilled with the results.

- Margaret Couch

Dr. Keeling has helped all four of our family smile better and brighter. We recommend Dr. Keeling and his staff for their caring and attentive service. We could not be happier with the results we have all achieved.

- Bill Leavell

Having been self-conscious about my smile all my life, I decided to give myself braces as a 50th birthday present. After examining my needs, Dr. Keeling and I decided on Invisalign as the best treatment. My experience with Invisalign was wonderful. Although there were a few days of mild discomfort as my mouth grew used to the aligners, it was overall a painless process. The work progressed more quickly than I had dreamed, and within eight months, I had the smile I’d dreamed of since childhood.

The other things that made the process painless were the warmth and professionalism of Dr. Keeling and his staff. I was made to feel as if I were their only patient for the day as they took time to answer any and all questions and to listen to me. In short, I would highly recommend Dr. Keeling’s services. I’ve been nothing but glad that I did.

- Catherine Matthews, Ph.D.

As a patient that has been out of treatment for a few years now, I look back at my experience with Keeling Orthodontics and am grateful that I chose Dr. Keeling as my orthodontist. His office staff was always friendly when I entered the office, his assistants were eager to answer any questions that I might have, and Dr. Keeling made the visits personal and enjoyable. Dr. Keeling even helped me get my braces off in time for the 9th grade banquet (which is obviously a big deal to a 9th grader)! I still get compliments on my teeth, and when I smile, it is with confidence knowing that my teeth look their best! Thanks Dr. K!

- Ashlee Woods